Why print? Why a magazine?

Studies show the impact of print

"...with so many people clamoring online to get everyone's attention, mailing out a catalog to your current customer base could make all the difference in the world.”

Forbes, "How to Find New Clients During Pandemic" 2020

“Brand recall for content read on high-quality coated paper is three times higher than content read online.

 “...studies dominantly show that people read best on paper for three reasons: it makes content more intuitively navigable; it facilitates better mental “mapping” of information; and reading on paper drains fewer of our cognitive resources, making retention a little easier. All of this is because paper is a physical, tangible medium.”

Sappi, “How the Medium Shapes the Message” 2015

Paper readers remember more.

Paper-based reading allows for more focused attention with less distractions, creating higher comprehension and recall for readers. It drives sensory involvement which contributes to reader impact by stimulating emotions and desires. And it is preferred by the majority (even millennials).

MPA–The Association of Magazine Media, MPA Factbook 2020

“Younger readers found that they liked the lean-in experience of a magazine. They liked reading stories without autoplay videos and full-screen takeovers interrupting their immersive experience.”

Folio Magazine, “The Digital Transformation in Publishing Has Left Plenty of Space for Print” 2020

“[Print reading] is kind of like meditation — focusing our attention on something still,” says Anne Mangen, a literacy professor at the University of Stavanger in Norway. “And it’s a whole different kind of immersion than responding to [digital] stimuli. I think it’s healthy for us as human beings to sit down with something that doesn’t move, ping, or call on our attention.”

Branfacts.org, “Reading on Paper Versus Screens: What’s the Difference?” 2020

“With all the fake news going on, consumers believe that if a company invests in the printed word it’s more valuable.”

 “People read slower on paper and retain more of it. Plus they tend to fantasize more, projecting themselves into the pictures. It’s a leisurely activity compared to the more purpose-driven and distractible experience of navigating on screens. Retailers could take advantage of that difference.”

Folio Magazine, “Why Are Brand Marketers Investing in Magazines?” 2019

“People prefer print versus digital media for recreational reading:
66% prefer printed magazines, 62% prefer printed books, and 61% prefer printed newspapers.”

Two Sides, “Print and Paper in a Digital World: Key findings from the US survey” 2017


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