Inspire audience engagement
through the power of story.

Build deeper connections with your audience via a custom brand magazine.

Custom brand magazines create an experience that is

On Brand

Klink Creative designs custom brand magazines for our clients. We believe in tactile, uninterrupted experiences for audiences, where brand stories are enjoyed in a leisurely manner. Screens bring distractions, and studies have shown that print allows a deeper understanding of a message. Plus, you gain more control of your content.
Your magazine content can be created by you, currated from your own network, or we can connect you with copywriters and photo sources. We would love to help you tell your brand stories in a controlled environment that inherently blocks popups.
When your readers relate to the stories on your pages, and find inspiration in the images, it’s more than just a connection – it’s engagement.

Why print? Why a magazine?

Studies show the impact of print

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